Bring the museum to your care home or school!

I run a social enterprise which specialises in providing Historical lectures and workshops for nursing homes, schools and special needs groups.

I have a History degree and I have been working in museums and education for over six years. I have experience in Primary and Secondary schools in the state and private sector and I have also worked with SEN and disability groups. I have experience in teaching adult education and care homes, as well as teaching foreign students in China and the USA. In my experience of museum education I regularly teach all the historical requirements for Key Stages 1 & 2 and I specialise in teaching Palaeontology and Ancient Greece.


One of the biggest problems facing elderly or disabled people is their restricted mobility. This means they are limited in their ability to visit museums and see objects of interest. As a result they are not able to enjoy the opportunities and quality of life which is available to able bodied people. I believe the solution to this problem is to bring the museum to them.


My workshops allow disabled and elderly people to handle museum objects and replicas in the comfort of their own residence or classroom. They are also able to touch, feel and hold many of the artefacts – which is not normally allowed in museums. My workshops are designed to take special needs and disabilities into account, they are mostly visual with easy to understand pictures and repetition of key facts. The workshops also include hands-on practical crafts which enable participants to create something using the knowledge that they have learnt.


I believe that my workshops make a real difference to the lives of elderly and disabled people as they provide opportunities to enjoy hobbies and promote a better quality of life.