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Newsletter from Senacre Wood Primary School

The Dinosaurs & Fossils Workshop has been mentioned in the Newsletter from Senacre Wood Primary School:

On Monday Morning, children in Rowan class took a step back in time! Throughout the morning Mr Aers, Dinosaur Expert, showed the children many examples of his fascinating fossil collection. The children learnt all about how fossils are formed and thought about how life on planet evolved throughout the ages. The fossils were as varied as whole trilobite fossils to fossilised mammoth teeth! The star of the morning though was definitely Trixie the Triceratops (pictured) who was very popular with the children. If you would like to see what Trixie gets up to over the Christmas period, check out : http://www.history4homes.com .

Olivia ~ “It was really fun and interesting”

Dylan ~ “ We learnt lots about fossils”

Kacey ~ “Trixie was cool. She was a superstar!”

Download the Newsletter here:


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