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Trixie goes to Brunswick House and I visit Highland Care Home!

Hello everybody!

A quick update just to tell everyone the news in the New Year. I have presented my first Roman Britain workshop at Highland House Care Home using my new Roman armour and mannequin. The residents were very polite and showed a great interest in all the artefacts and replicas. Many of them really enjoyed trying on the Roman helmet too. I have also created three new clay models for the Roman and Greek craft workshop (pictures to follow shortly).

On Tuesday the 24 Trixie paid a special visit to Brunswick House Primary School in Maidstone for a Dinosaurs & Fossils workshop. The children there knew a lot about dinosaurs and asked some excellent questions, I told them about the 'Talk To Trixie' page on my website and many of them have asked some more questions on there: http://www.history4homes.com/talk

They also made some brilliant dinosaurs out of clay, I have included some photos below. I will be visiting Brunswick House next Tuesday for a Stone Age workshop and Trixie may come along to visit the children again too. I have had a wonderful time teaching all sorts of people over the last few days and it is a pleasure to share their enthusiasm for History and Palaeontology.

Photos of clay dinosaurs from Brunswick House Primary School, can you spot yours?

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